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 General Q&A

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PostSubject: General Q&A   General Q&A EmptySun Dec 07, 2008 7:18 am

Welcome to the forum.
Feel free to leave any questions about Inter Caetera here.
Questions must be posted in a new thread as you can see this one is locked :)
For starters I can answer some of the most common questions right away.

- How many SP are you looking for?
We're looking for at least 10mil Sp.

- Do you supply members with ships in op's ?
At the current time we don't. We do on the other hand have capabilities to build you pretty much anything Tech 1 as long as you can help provide the resounces.

- Do you have cap pilots ?

- I don't have time to play all day, all week long... Is that ok ?
We don't require you to play a certain ammount of time. All we require is that you at least log on once in a while.

- What timezone are you guys from ?
Our members are mainly US based but we do have EU members as well.

- You don't got to many members... Why should i join you ?
Well it's true that we got limited members. But what we do have, is a solid platform to grow and expand on. We got pvp, industry and npc hunting (ratting and missioning)
Combine this with the excisting dedicated members and you have a very nice corp to play in.

- You said you got industry capabilities. What did you mean ?
What we have is the possibilites to mine high grade ores, ice and to manufacture stuff without having to jump 10 jumps to get it done.

- You mentioned pvp. What can I expect there ?
Since the corp is rather small then we mainly tag along on alliance wide events. But there is allways possibilities to roam around solo or in a small gang for that sake.

- What are you looking for in a new member ?
What we want is a honest, teamworking and laid back player.
We have had our share with griefers and people who do nothing for the corp unless they earn on it.

- Do you accept rookies ?

- Do you guys use teamspeak/ventrillo ?
Yes. We have a common alliance ventrillo server. Other than that we actually use skype for small private meetings and general idle talk.

That should cover pretty much all of the common questions. Please make a new topic to ask any pertinent questions you may have or get in touch with us ingame either through evemail or convo.

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General Q&A
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