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 amarr bs abaddon vs apoc

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High-Sec Terrorist

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PostSubject: amarr bs abaddon vs apoc   Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:39 pm

So I am going to start training up for amarr bs 5 since its already at 4 and I have some energy skills and a crap load of armor skills since I did have an abaddon at one point in time.

Its fit was with t1 pulse lasers and a nice armor tank setup. Whatever I pick will have t2 energy weapons, I just need help figuring out if I should go with a closer range tank with t2 pulse lasers (abaddon) or a long range sniper with t2 beam lasers (apoc).

I know the alliance is always asking for RRBS, which the abaddon could easily fit one or two on it but at the expense of DPS. The tank would still be very nice though.
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amarr bs abaddon vs apoc
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