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 PvP Wing, part 5: Closing in for the kill

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PostSubject: PvP Wing, part 5: Closing in for the kill   Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:09 am

Perhaps the most exhilarating moment of pvp is the moment you lock an enemy target, start firing and see their shield/armor/structure bar filling red. It's the culmination of the hunt, an instinct that can be traced back to the primal beginning of man, when a gang of ugly hairy guys hunted mammoths with spears and rocks. The drill is no different today, with the following exceptions:
1. Always follow the FC's and target callers' directions. If there is a juicy mastodon near the gate but the target caller gives a different target, follow the group and not your greedy self. Concentrated damage can help a gang eat through a large group within seconds, even if that means that the transport carrying the Estamel x-large shield booster will eventually escape.
2. Fit your ships for damage. Fittings will not be discussed here (there is a special thread for them) but you should know that the damage you deal is directly related to the guns/drones you've fitted and the number of damage augmentors/tracking links-computers/sensor boosters you're sporting in your mid/low slots.
3. Choose your range. Roaming gangs usually have close-range ammo and tracking enhancers to maximize damage to close, fast-moving targets. In large fleets, heavy ships will usually play the role of sniper, which means that long range ammo should be used.The FC will give orders as to what type of ammo you should equip.
4. Clear your overview of junk. It has been said a million times, it will be said another million times until nothing is left in the overview but enemy ships.
5. Don't try to hit enemy drones. For god's sake, don't do that. It is counterproductive and takes up valuable time. Destroy the ishtar, not its numerous and easily replacable drones, and the punishment will cease.
6. Always use drones. Damage drones, ecm-drones, target painting drones, whatever, just as long as there are annoying things flying around the enemy creating some form of discomfort.
7. Put the fleet members that are closest to you in your watch list. It's easy to do that, simply right click on a fleet member, go to fleet and add to watch list. A new window will open that gives you very useful info on how he's holding on. If you have a remote shield/armor repper on, it is the ideal tool that will also help you lock on him very fast (since you won't be able to see him on overview).
8. Don't flee the battle whenever you feel like it. There are times that the battle may seem to go awry, but in very few instances this can be remedied. If not, the FC will give the order to evacuate. The loss of a ship is very annoying but it happens, so deal with it. If you want to save your precious ship stay home inside the pos and polish it with your shame. The phrase "noone warpout" will only be uttered when there is no escape, and that means that everybody dies there and then. However, if we're going to die we'll try to take as many enemies as we can with us to the grave, so FC's orders should be followed to the very end for a maximized kamikaze effect.
9. Go to your optimal as fast as you can. Don't try to hit from 30 kms away with an autocannon-fitted rapier, you won't do any damage AT ALL. So, get your approach and orbit presets ready before the engagement, and when the battle begins simply lock the target, press approach/orbit, then press the mwd button and start firing. The drill is Lock, Approach, MWD on, Fire (or LAMF, if you are an initials lover). You should learn to do that as fast as possible. Heavy/missile ships usually don't need to approach and mwd, so for them it's simply lock and fire.
10. Missile boats should have missiles of every type of damage in their cargo hold, in order to overcome resistances.
11. Sensor boosters should be fitted on heavy ships (at least two of them) to reduce locking time.
12. Tackling points and webs should be split. Everybody tackling a battleship while a couple of other ships are free to fly around is counterproductive. Alas, this cannot be done without communication and during the battle all comms should be clear. That means that tacklers should decide in advance who's going to tackle primary and who's going to tackle secondary. When the battle is joined, each man does his predetermined job, tacklers included.
13. When someone goes down, he writes it in the fleet chat window and doesn't announce it with a sobbing or angry voice over the fleet comms. Dying with dignity is a warrior's imperative. Whining, curses and hysteric breakdowns are forbidden and are best left for the women, or at the very least for later, when official criticism of the battle is joined.
14. Your weapons should be loaded and ready. Don't try to change ammo during the engagement.
15. Don't loot the wrecks unless you're specifically told to. Scavengers will be flayed in the village square.
16. Heed of the aggression timer. That means once the battle is joined, you cant jump through a gate. Listen to FC's order for a safespot to flee to, or if the command "scatter" is given, you make yourself scarce and warp to a nearby planet/asteroid or star.
17. Battleships and heavy ships should be aligned towards a point so that they can escape quickly if they're not scrambled. By the time you'll need to warp out, you'll probably be out of the bubble.
18. Final point: Your mind should be on the hunt when the battle is joined. Everything else is not important. Women should be gagged and locked in rooms to watch chick-flick DVDs, water/coke/beer should be nearby for quick refreshment and biological breaks should be taken care of before the battle. Only with laserlike focus on the task at hand will we be able to take down the proverbial mammoth and return home as winners.
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High-Sec Terrorist

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PostSubject: Re: PvP Wing, part 5: Closing in for the kill   Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:29 pm

ok, how do you get the overview to just show enemy ships and not your own guys ships?
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Admin - Allmighty selfproclaimed GOD !
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PostSubject: Re: PvP Wing, part 5: Closing in for the kill   Thu Jan 08, 2009 1:56 am

We will go over all that when we are assembling on saturday

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PostSubject: Re: PvP Wing, part 5: Closing in for the kill   

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PvP Wing, part 5: Closing in for the kill
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