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 PvP Wing, Part 4: Travelling wilburies

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PostSubject: PvP Wing, Part 4: Travelling wilburies   Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:09 pm

When the fleet is travelling some basic principles must be followed, otherwise it's not a fleet but rather an uncoordinated movement towards oblivion.
There are essentially two modes of travelling while in a fleet: (1) Free or burn mode, and (2) travel mode.
1. When the FC gives the order to go to burn mode towards the destination, every gang member jumps and warps to 0 on the next gate as fast as possible, until the destination is reached, without waiting for the rest of the fleet. The FC can belay that order and decide for the fleet to stop at a certain gate, so keep your ears open. Being in burn mode means that if you encounter a hostile you report it immediately to the fleet channel.
2. Travel mode is a coordinated fleet movement that demands careful maneuvering and quick reflexes. In essence, everybody jumps through a gate when the FC commands it (the code name for that is "jump jump"), and everybody immediately aligns full speed towards the next gate. That way, the dedicated warper will warp the entire fleet to the next gate. That means that if you don't listen to the FC's commands or are fooling around for some reason, you'll miss the fleet warp and will stay behind. The FC may belay the order and instead command the fleet to align towards another object, so again you'll have to listen and pay attention. Getting left behind in an empty route is not a big deal (you can always catch up on your own), but if the fleet is getting pursued it means you'll certainly go home in a pod, or worse. In order to quickly align a heavy ship (e.g. battleship) you should use the mwd align maneuver.*

*The mwd align maneuver (as has been stated in an earlier post) is when you start to align and immediately turn on the microwarp drive. First, you'll have to set the microwarp drive to "autorepeat off" by right clicking on it, so that it only runs one cycle. Game mechanics dictate that for a ship to enter warp, a speed of approximately 90% of the top speed must be achieved. With the mwd open you reach that speed in exactly as long as it takes the mwd run a cycle (10 sec). That essentially means that the battleship will align and be ready to warp in 10 sec instead of the usual 17 or 20.

All ships should have a mwd fitted when in fleet or gang. The reason for this should be obvious (speed >>>> cap).
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PvP Wing, Part 4: Travelling wilburies
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