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 Taking advantage of the aggression timer

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PostSubject: Taking advantage of the aggression timer   Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:31 am

Before the aggression timer was implemented, there was chaos. Then, order came. And we must take advantage of that order.
The aggression timer is there for only one reason, and that is to help you escape. If you jump into a system and come face to face with a gate camp you should NEVER panic and uncloak. Take a deep breath, check your overview to see how many of them are there, then plot your means of escape. If the gate is bubbled beyond recognition, warping out in a big ship is not an option, but neither is staying there and dying like a lamb. If you have a small ship, find a nearby planet (one that will get you out of the bubble as soon as possible), then align towards it and go full speed. As soon as you're out of the bubble, warp to it immediately. This will not always work, but sometimes it will.
If you're in a big ship, reapproach. You should also reapproach if you see a single tackler but suspect that he expects company. NEVER aggro cause you'll be stuck behind with the rest of the hostiles. Battleships and heavy ships don't go down that easily and you may have enough time to make it to the gate and jump to the other side. With the web nerf it's easier to move fast towards to the gate, even in a big ship. That is why you should always use a microwarp drive (or mwd) in 0.0, so that you can escape. Industrials in general go down very quickly so there is no clear strategy for them, but transports are sturdy enough to either move towards the gate (mwd again) or speed away cloaked.
Remember, do not lose your cool, think the situation over before you act... You have all the time in the world (actually, you don't, but let's say you do).
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Taking advantage of the aggression timer
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