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 Moving around in KQK

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PostSubject: Moving around in KQK   Moving around in KQK EmptyMon Dec 29, 2008 10:30 am

Since KQK is a pipe system, each and every one of us in there should have the sniping and scanning safespots for each gate that I have deposited in the corp hangar in the large POS. The division of the hangar is "Ship Equipment Storage" to which all 0.0 members should have access to (I would ask Xyniia or MC to give access to the members that don't have it already). In order to transfer these safespots, you have to open the tab "People and places", go to the "Places" tab and "Create folder" with the name KQK safespots (or whatever name you want). Then, you can transport the safe spots (which are like items in that manner) into your ship's cargohold (this is important, trying to drag and drop them from the hangar doesn't work), and from there you simply drag and drop them into the new folder that you created in "Places". I believe I have made enough safespots for everyone, but in case we run out, let me know and I'll make more copies (making copies is easy btw, you simply press "Shift" key and drag and drop into the cargo hold or hangar).
Using the safespots is another thing. When you want to jump to a gate you should always use the "sniping safespot". That will warp you 160 - 200 km from the gate, thus enabling you to avoid any bubbles. From there you can warp to the gate if it's clear and jump. If you suspect that the gate is camped or "occupado", you should warp to the "scanning safespot". Then you open your scanner and scan towards the direction of the destination gate (remember to tick the box "use active overview settings" and set the scanning range to maximum). If there are hostiles on the gate you'll pick them up on your scanner and know to avoid that gate. Remember to not linger about there for a long time since they can probe you if you're uncloaked.
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Moving around in KQK
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