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 Recruitment Application Format

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PostSubject: Recruitment Application Format   Recruitment Application Format EmptyMon Dec 22, 2008 6:00 pm

Welcome to the INTCA Recruitment Forum!

I hope you have visited this page with the intent to join this great corp. As you may know we have only one requirement: 10 Mil SP. Thats it. Not too high, but it ensures you have at least some of the knowledge that will keep you alive in 0.0. We offer all the 0.0/PVP/Industrial training you could ever dream of, and we have very experienced Personal Trainers.....Free of Charge!! Smile
Here is how we would like the application to look:

Description: A short description about your EvE experience, and anything else you would like to share.

What you are looking for in a corp: As the title says, let us know what you expect from us Smile

Skills/Skillpoints: Any specific skillsets you are proud of, what you think you can add to the corp, and your total number of Skillpoints.

Please make a new Topic with your game name in the heading, followed by this format.

***You may also use this format for your application in-game if you like instead of here, although this way we can get to know you better, and you can talk to members before you join.***

We look forward to having you with us, and we will do anything we can to help you enjoy EvE just that much more.

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Recruitment Application Format
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